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Xenith Trading

(21 reviews)

Trading community focused on consistency, accuracy, growth, and community.

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50+ hours of education for traders of all experience levels. We've molded beginners into self sufficient traders.
Daily/Weekly Watchlists
Detailed and accurate watchlists curated for you, allowing you to execute on your own and learn along the way.
Live Trading Streams
Live trading, our members say this is one of the most valuable parts of the community due to how much you can learn.
TradingView Indicator
Free all-in-one TradingView indicator to ameliorate your trading.
24/7 Support
On-demand support and personalized learning experience for all members.
Eager Community
Our community shares the same goals and support each other daily while learning together.
On-Demand Analysis
We work around the clock to provide analysis, chart requests, and to answer any questions from the community.
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Customer reviews
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Kami no Rakurai#7488
22d ago
Known about this group since 2021 when it opened up and officially joined summer of 2022. In the past year since I joined my account went through 3 cycles of major highs into new lows, I struggled to control my inherent greed and I blew my account up 3-4 times off of plays I took myself that I oversized. What’s worse is a lot of my losses eclipsed the gains that I won simply following Doug’s guidance. Revised my strategy a month ago to run confluence plays off of whatever SPX play Doug decides to run and I take either (APPL/TSLA/NVDA) in the same direction. Through Doug’s TA and my discipline to stick to this strategy I’ve managed to eliminate all my options losses dating back all the way to January of 2022 (75% down to 25% down all time). Still got some more losses to cover but I’m confident that if I am patient and diligent in following this process I’ll be back to all time green.
Purchased 1 year ago
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2 months ago
Doug is the best analyst out there by far and it isn’t even close. He literally gives you everything you need to be successful. He only charges 60 bucks a month, if you aren’t willing to risk $60 to see what he can do in a month then trading probably is not for you
Purchased 4 months ago
User avatar
2 months ago
DKing teaches you not just to trade but discipline in order to be a profitable trader and not trading over emotions.
Purchased 9 months ago
Do I need previous trading experience to join Xenith?
Not at all, we focus heavily on education suited for traders of all experiences. Most of our members joined with minimal knowledge of the markets and over time, we've been able to mold them into self-sufficient traders. We have dozens of educational videos that were streamed and recorded to view on our website!
Why Xenith over other trading groups?
Let's be honest, there probably isn't a "one size fits all" type of trading group as every person is different. Xenith may not be fit for you, or it could end up being a place you call "home." In Xenith, we focus on building you from the ground up. Most new traders find it difficult to embark on a trading career. However, we provide hands-on education, analysis, and overall approach to improve your knowledge of the markets. We emphasize education because we feel it's futile to join a trading community solely for signals, without understanding the fundamentals behind every trade. Our goal is to make you self sufficient, regardless of your experience prior to joining Xenith.
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Xenith Trading
Trading • Stocks

21 reviews

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Xenith Trading is an acclaimed trading community that has gained noteworthy recognition from globally reputed platforms, such as FOX, PIX11, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Benzinga, and Business Insider. We are champions in the trading space, primarily specializing in stocks, options, and cryptocurrency. We offer our members weekly and daily watchlists, live trading streams, as well as frequent live educational streams for traders of every experience level. With over 50 hours of exclusive educational content available on our website, we provide a trainer-guided, hands-on approach to cultivate career growth in trading. We also offer on-demand analysis and you can track our success on Twitter @XenithSuccess. Xenith Trading prides itself on sharp accuracy, consistent results, community-building, and committed growth. We offer an all-in-one TradingView indicator, on-demand support and personalized learning experiences for all members, detailed watchlists, live trading sessions, and round-the-clock service for analysis, chart requests, and community questions. Our mission is to lift each member from novice to self-sufficient trader by enhancing their market insight and empowering their trading journey.